Is Covid “Really” Over?

Most countries worldwide, India included, have declared the Covid 19 pandemic “over”. While it is welcome that we have put the “nightmare” years from 2020 to 2022 behind us, let us not forget the “lessons” learnt.

Indeed, if not anything, Covid left “scars” behind, teaching us about the fragility of life, and the “real face” of our societies in times of collective crises. More so, when it was conclusively proved that when it came to a Once in a Century plague, we are “on our own”.

Of course, the Pandemic gave us WFH or Work from Home, a boon to homemakers and working women, as well as for those whose commute is the stuff of nightmares. A side note is a recent report which revealed the aforementioned professionals are not exactly thrilled with the Back to Office mandates, prompting more women to quit (as in the case of TCS).

For good or bad, Covid deepened our “dependence” on technology, making us “slaves” to our Smartphones. Indeed, the Digital Age is well and truly upon us, whether we like it or not. Net effect is the “devaluation” of human relationships and a turn to atavistic sides of human nature.

While the above experiences come from an “adult” perspective, Coronavirus has not been “kind” to the emerging generations as well. From delayed job offers to layoffs, including lack of opportunities, the Pandemic has been “brutal” to Gen Zers and Millennials. Net effect is The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and worse, “dropping off” from the workforce.

Last, but not the least, the lockdowns were one more instance of Homo Sapiens, with all our mighty achievements and accomplishments, reduced to “powerlessness” when nature decided to wreak its “revenge”.

Of course, the alarming rise of pseudo science and dangerous “conspiracy” theories means we still haven’t learnt the “lessons” and that we are as unprepared as we were in Feb 2020.


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