Is The Global Elite “Tiring” Us All Into Perpetual Servitude And Submission?

Is the global elite “tiring” us into perpetual servitude and submission? Sample this, and our modern always-on lives leave us all “overwhelmed” and feeling “blue”. Technology has turned us into “junkies” and “enslaved” us to the point where we can’t imagine a day (read not even an hour) without checking our Smartphones. The pandemic worsened with its “forced” isolation and “deepened” our overdependence on technology. What more! The post-pandemic world is lawless and anarchic, where the only constant is chaos and disruption. How can we live in a world that gets bizarre by the day (read an hour) and where the only certainty is more uncertainty?

Some call this The New Normal! What if the New Normal is the New Normal where rapid and “accelerating” events overtake us leaving us all “frazzled”? Is this by design? Or the “inevitable” coda to a world where “zaniness” is the norm. Given the current propensity toward conspiracy theories, one can be forgiven for thinking all this was “planned” and the disorder we see around us benefits the “few” at the expense of the many. Otherwise, why would the promised Utopia descend into Dystopia within no time? Or, at every turn, we are confronted by False Dawns where everything seems to collapse within no time, only to be “rescued” by Fake Messiahs who lead us down the path to abomination, and the cycle repeats. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It goes on. Tiring us all out into servitude and submission.

If the pandemic was terrible enough, we now have to contend with a “belligerent” Putin, bent on unleashing a “winter from hell” and worse, a “nuclear winter”, cheered along by the “immortal” Xi, who subjugated all Chinese with his draconian Zero Covid lockdowns. Of course, each has his grouse against the West, with Putin pointing to the New World Project as evidence of the imperialistic designs of the West and Xi referring to historical “humiliations” of the Chinese people at the hands of the West. Sure, one can believe them as the so-called Global Elite, or the Davos crowd does not seem to offer an “alternative” agenda to the world’s pressing problems, though they did warn of a “darkened” economic environment. Indeed, it sure looks like The Great Derangement is where events are “divorced” from reality, and all that is left is a “reality tv” like a life lived out in full technicolour.

Is this the Global Elite’s plan to force a “race to the bottom” economy where only the Top One Percent have any chance, the rest being screwed again and again by the “failed” neoliberalism craziness towards Big is Better? Some would say “compassionate capitalism” would do the trick. Others disagree, pointing to the “wild” gyrations and swings that the so-called “free” markets bring in their wake. Does this mean the Global Elite wants us all to have “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” scenarios where we remain in perpetual servitude and submission? Of course, “they” pretend to “solve” problems when they create more or perpetuate existing crises. I am old enough to remember the “giddy” prognostications of Tech ushering in “Business@Speed of Thought”, whereas it transpired that it was only good for business.

As if the Pandemic and Putin were not enough, here come the”populists” making it 3Ps, like straight 3As in tests, that “ace” the exams and leave the rest behind. Regardless, all 3Ps were purportedly challenging due to existing “faultlines” that the Global Elite wanted to address. Only that the cure is worse than the disease (literally and figuratively). Of course, we are told that the Digital Age is around the corner, and the “smelly” Smokestack Era is behind us, with everything from 9 to 5 workdays reordered to the “emerging” Fourth Industrial Revolution. As if the Digital Age would be the answer to all of the ills plaguing the world. They should take a leaf from the great Henry Ford’s dictum. You Can Have Any Colour As Long As It Is Black. A real Catch-22, if you please.


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