What If The Endgame For The Present Zaniness Is That There Is No Endgame And More Zaniness?

Photo by alex kristanas on Unsplash

How to make sense of the present “global zaniness” that defies rational explanations and answers based on logic and facts. Why does the world seem so confusing and puzzling to decipher? On the one hand, the West W(the United States and its European allies) “provoked” Russia to such an extent that Vladimir Putin took the “bait” finally and invaded Ukraine, a war that seems as zany as it is needless, except to fatten the MIC or the Military-Industrial Complex. On the other hand, the West (and especially the US) is in the throes of a serious crisis stemming from schism and divisions that have been bubbling under the surface for decades and now threaten its survival as a coherent whole. Added to this is the mind-numbing sense of unreality brought upon by the pandemic, and what we have is a potent mix of lethal trends, which, if left unaddressed, would bring in more “zaniness”. Maybe, the whole idea of the Powers That Be is precisely this and that the “endgame” of the present global disorder is more disorder, or worse, no endgame in sight, with a miasma of successive events designed to “numb” and “dumb” us further.

While it is easy to see who benefits from all this zaniness on display, it is also saddening to see the plight of people like you and me, who have been reduced to mere spectators in a circus show that we did not ask for or for that matter, even wanted in the first place. But, what choice do we have when we are “fringe” players in the global and cosmic scheme of things, designed to replicate neo-feudalism and a return to the medieval world we thought we had left behind. Indeed, for anyone looking to make sense of the present disorder, it is instructive to look back in time and check out how the “dark ages” came about, where the “problems of plenty” were the root cause of the lapse into barbarian madness. Perhaps, that has been the “plan” all along wherein all of us are “chattel” to serve the neoliberal warlords and the nouveau “leaders” who promise us “utopia” but deliver us “dystopia” in turn.

Otherwise, what was the “hurry” to repeal Roe vs Wade, thereby robbing women of their bodily autonomy and freedoms as well as reducing them to seeking “permission” for things that should have been their defacto rights? Or, for that matter, what is the point of so much revanchism and revisionism that we see where “history” is sought to be rewritten, and those opposing a certain view of what the past was, are summarily prosecuted? In addition, did technology make matters worse with its “enslaving” of us all to the point where we have become “junkies”?? So, is this the last hurrah for the Enlightenment and the Renaissance, which gave us scientific temper and rational thinking and logical analysis? Never mind that in this “post-truth” age, the only thing that matters is facts as one sees them and not as universally accepted.

Are we done with the “ravages” of capitalism where booms are followed by busts, and worse, the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer? Was the pandemic a “catalyst” for our backward march to the past? Maybe, it was “accidental” that the lockdowns and our deepened dependence on technology as a result of our forced “isolation” have made us turn back on modernity and instead seek refuge in medieval propitiations. Or was it the design all along that whatever “progress” the common person made was a mirage that never was an Oasis? Of course, we all are “entertained”, and hence, we do not feel the loss of so much that we have achieved so far. Moreover, who needs economic growth or liberation when hate is the new sex and all that is needed to channel it and spew it out is a Smartphone with just a basic internet connection?

As the successive “waves” of the ever-mutating Coronavirus arrive, we take steps backwards and fritter away all hopes of a normal or, to use the accepted term, New Normal. We are told this is the New Normal, only for that to be replaced with the New New Normal and so on. Does this remind anyone of the prescient novel by George Orwell, 1984, which was the first to predict what propaganda and thought control can do to all of us?? In short, what we are living through is a Desert of the Unreal, where the only reality is that which is mandated by the Powers That Be, and all of us have to obediently go on without asking “inconvenient” questions, lest we “gatecrash” into their well-stocked parties.

So, is this Zaninesss the permanent crisis that some prophesied was due for all of us? Is there any endgame for the present global disorder, or that the endgame that there is no endgame, and we all wait for the Messiah to arrive and redeem us from our miseries?