Will Roe v Wade Become History?? Some Thoughts On The Breaking News From The United States!!

Roe v Wade
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As the culture wars heat up in the United States, with the impending overturning of the landmark Roe vs. Wade judgment (that enshrined the right to abortion in law), it is instructive to note that the Left needs to get its act together soon.

While the Left is looked upon as “troublemakers” and a”anarchists”, I argue in this post, that an effective way for progressives in the US would be to be more like Bernie Sanders and less like Antifa, if they are to “win the narrative wars”.

Having said that, the Republicans there are absolutely “living in denial”, which is both alarming and catastrophic, as I point out here.

Indeed, the GOP has been anything but accepting reality as they have consistently and beyond-outrageously refused to accept much of the agenda that Biden and his fellow Democrats have been pushing for.

Right from (pun intended) Voting Rights to Abortion, to even the spending bills that are good for Americans, the Repubs have been obscurantists in all senses of the term.

It is a pity that a couple of Democratic Senators, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, have been anything but democratic, by thwarting Filibuster Reform or even voting for the aforementioned bills.

As I analyze, Manchin has singlehandedly “killed” Biden’s agenda and with Sinema in tow, this duo is almost certain to ally themselves with their rivals to thwart any vote on preserving abortion rights.

This extreme polarization of the American society is neither good for them nor for the broader world, as a nation torn asunder by such divisions can lead to societal breakdown and result in a more chaotic world.

As I question, Joe Biden can very well end like Gorbachev, meaning that the US can break up over “hot buttons” issues such as Abortion and Gun Control.

Perhaps, it is time Americans defined what It means to be an American and whether their cherished American Dream is still alive or a requiem is being read out for social justice.

Of course, Biden did start well and tried his best. It is a pity that a year and a half into his presidency, the Supreme Court seems to have “ignited” a powderkeg on the contentious issue of Abortion.

The rest of the week would indeed be very interesting to watch for those present at a distance, while it certainly is worrying for anyone who is engaged with liberal causes.


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