Time Capsule Ruminations: How History Would Look At The Present Times Of Collective Insanity

If I had a chance to preserve this post for eternity and if in the future, someone could access what I have written here, I can definitely say that they would do so with a mixture of amusement and sadness. Amusement, because humanity is on a self-destructive path, and sadness because much of what is happening in the world now was entirely avoidable. Of course, these Time Capsule ruminations are predicated on the premise that humanity would exist in some form or the other, 100 years from now, which is looking less likely by the day, given the all present risk of Thermonuclear war. Indeed, we are at a moment in our collective evolution, where the paths we take now would determine what transpires eventually. With so much collective insanity going around, I feel as though we are on the cusp of something “big” that once set in motion, would be irreversible in the years to come. We had and have our choice, and I am of the view that we are blowing it. It needn’t have to be this way. We could have chosen a more peaceful and liberating path, and we could have addressed the pressing problems like inequality, climate change, and depleting resources as well as falling water tables. Instead, we watch movies that openly call for genocide, and watch as a former superpower “dreams” of restoring “lost glories”.

Having said that, there is much to cheer about as well. For instance, we have to some extent, overcome the challenges of a Once in a Century pandemic, though the fear of new variants lurks in the background. We have also invented wondrous technologies, that have made life a breeze both for those who anyway were leading a cushy life and more importantly, have also empowered those for whom they have been a boom. For instance, as has been widely documented by numerous authors, Smartphones have revolutionized the way in which trade and commerce happen, much to the delight of those at the Bottom of the Pyramid, who now feel confident about having a greater say in their lives. Moreover, we have also managed to extend lifespans and enhanced life expectancy rates, as well as more fulfilling lives. Indeed, the sadness that I mentioned earlier is how future species would look at this moment as Problems in the Age of Plenty!! Maybe, boredom has to have an outlet and that is the reason we are falling on each other, instead of coexisting peacefully.

While there can be opposing views on the Russian Ukrainian conflict, suffice to say that our insatiable greed for more and our propensity to hoard resources for ourselves instead of sharing with others, seem to be the reasons why this is happening. Of course, the headlines would put it otherwise, but as some say, we would know in the years to come, that it was really all about Oil and Gas, or about artificial scarcities being engineered to profit a few, Or, what about the United States where the populace seems to be convinced that there is a “conspiracy” against the Republicans and that the election was stolen or how Vaccines are repudiated along with Masks. If there was clear evidence of mass insanity, the Anti Vaxxers and the Anti Maskers would beat all others hollow as far as paranoia is concerned. Meanwhile, in India, the ruling dispensation does not “tire” of winning elections and instead of chilling after each win, they look to polarize the country further in ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago. Have we lost it!! Is this not Collective Insanity that is leading us down the path of doom.

I do hope that better minds than mine would explain in clearer terms why I think the world has gone mad. If it were possible to understand the motivations of those leading us and if I had a chance to get inside their minds to understand what makes them tick and behave the way they do, I would gladly take the opportunity to mind read them. Alas! mysterious are the ways of the world, and here I am, typing away even before the Sun has risen, dreaming about A New Dawn for Humanity, and wishing that False Dawns become a thing of the past, and we are again “allowed” to breathe normally and greet each other politely instead of Trolling each other even for innocuous pleasantries. Amen!!


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